You can have your Online Spanish Lessons for as little as £13.5/$16/€15 per hour per person with all these extras: 

  • All materials free
  • Interactive homework
  • Flexible cancellation policy
  • Lessons at times to suit you
  • Free initial assessment
  • You choose the platform you want to use: Zoom, Skype, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, etc.





£60/$72/€68 per lesson

Private group up to 4 

£100/$119/€113 per lesson



£85/$102/€96 per lesson

Private group up to 6

£125/$151/€140 per lesson



£40/$49/€45 per lesson

Private group up to 4

£60/$73/€67 per lesson

* Payable in blocks of 10 weeks. You will be invoiced after the first session.


If your employer pays, you will have 10%OFF for tailor made courses. You just need to put me in contact with your HR department or your employer and I will set all with them. If your company or employer pays for your lessons, I may have to disclose some personal information to them, such as assessments and progress reports.


If you need to give your Spanish a boost for a job interview, conference or other reason, I  offer a special four-week tailor-made intensive course with three hours teaching each week. You can also work these hours in to your schedule at your convenience, subject to availability. For example, you could opt for two 90 minute sessions each week or three sessions of one hour.

The total price for the 12 hours is £600/$706/€706 up to two students.


One-on-one lessons are ideal for c-suits, leaders and diplomats. I deliver them at the time it suits you better  and they are highly tailored to your needs.  Before the first lesson I will assess your level and I will design the syllabus accordingly.  The first lesson is free.

Group lessons are ideal for colleagues in the same company who are in the same level.  The ideal number is between 4 and 6 learners. Before the first lesson, I will assess each student’s level separately and I will email you the syllabus  by the second lesson.

The difference between my scheduled courses and these tailor-made group courses are mainly that these ones are designed for companies and you and your colleagues decide the time you learn. Basically, you learn with your friends and colleagues whenever it suits you all. 

For conversation lessons, I will email you a text on pdf or web link for you to read a few days before our lesson. I will also send you a vocabulary in a quiz format to learn. During our lesson we will discuss the text and you will express your opinion. Any new term we learn during our lesson will be added to the vocabulary. At the end of every session you will have a clear idea of what you have learnt. The subjects for every lesson will be discussed in advance and agreed with you. They will range from current affairs to history, art, philosophy, etc.


I am aware of the nature of my students’ work and that all what is discussed during our sessions is always strictly confidential. I am happy to sign a NDA.

I am fully DBS checked.


My Online Spanish Lessons are payable either by bank transfer or PayPal (whatever is most convenient four you). The invoice will be emailed after the first lesson and you will never be asked for your card or bank details.

This website just collects your name and email address and just when you apply for a course or contact me by filling a form.


Cancellations of  tailor-made Online Spanish Lessons incurred with less than 48 hours might be charged. However, to avoid you losing a session, I am pretty flexible to reschedule it during the same week, subject to my availability. If the tailor-made lesson being cancelled within the 48 hours is scheduled for a Thursday or Friday, I will offer you a reschedule within the first 3 days of the following week; this means that following week you will have 2 sessions. My policy is simple: If I have the availability during the same week or the first 3 days of the next week, I will accept your new time with no loss from your side, even if the reschedule is within the 48 hours. 

In the unlikely case of unforeseen circumstances preventing me to deliver my class, of course, that class is not lost.


I will email you all materials before each lesson on PDF, mp3  and interactive online activities such as Kahoot, Quizlets, Learningapps, Tryintercat, Ver-taal, etc. To use, you will need to have your own account with them; for you it is free, please make sure you open a free account.

During our sessions we will use a Google document as a whiteboard. To have access to the document, you will just need to have a Google account.


If you are a complete beginner,  just fill the contact form below, email me by clicking on the mail symbol,  or call me to book your course.

If you have some level, you can take my  free Spanish level assessment at the top left of this page. Yo can also contact me to book a 10 minutes free oral assessment.


If you have any queries regarding my Online Spanish Lessons, my method, enrollments, payment, levels, etc., please visit my FAQs page.

Online Spanish Lessons


If you prefer to contact me directly to assess your level, to book your course or for any query, please call me or text me on +44 7970 528 517,  e-mail me on or fill the contact form below: