La palabra del día: Convocar

Verb. This term has two main meanings somehow related to each other. 1. To call formally one or more people to attend a specific place or event. E.g.: ¿Quiénes son los expertos que convocó la ANEP para repensar el futuro de la educación?: Who are the experts called by ANEP to rethink the future of education? 2. To announce, to make public an act, such as a contest, competitive examinations, a strike, etc., so that whoever is interested can participate. This term is used in expressions such as, convocar elecciones (to call an election), convocar una licitación (to call for tenders), convocar un concurso, etc. E.g.: JCE convoca licitación internacional para comprar papel de seguridad para actas: EC announces international tender to buy security paper for minutes.
In the first case, the noun is la convocación: la convocación de los expertos; and in the second la convocatoria: la convocatoria a licitación (the call for tenders). As you can see, we are always speaking about a call. dc

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