La palabra del día: Costas

Feminine plural noun. Essential expenses that must be paid during a judicial process. They include: 1. The fees of the lawyer, called honorarios in Spanish. 2.The fee of the expert (perito en Spanish), if necessary, and also called honorarios. 3. The fee of the procurator, when their intervention is required. 3. Court notifications, copies, documents, testimonies, etc. 4. Insertion of advertisements or edicts. 5. Duties such as the notary’s payment. 6. Compensation to witnesses. 7. Other expenses generated directly by the judicial process itself.
E.g.: La Directiva sobre asistencia jurídica que tenemos es tan limitada que no ayuda a cubrir las costas judiciales en estos casos: The Legal Aid Guidelines that we have is so minimal that it will not help with legal costs in these sorts of cases.
The verb with the same root but not used in the same context is costear and the adjective is costoso/a/s. dc

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