La palabra del día: Habilitación

Feminine noun. Authorization that is granted to carry out certain acts. E.g.: El costo de obtener la habilitación, que toma alrededor de una semana, depende del tipo de empresa: The cost of obtaining approval, which takes about a week, depends on the type of enterprise.
The verb is habilitar. E.g.: Puede elegir cuáles servicios de envío desea habilitar: You have the ability to choose which shipping services you want to enable.
In the other hand, inhabilitación is the penalty consisting of the deprivation of honors, jobs and public offices, of the exercise of a profession, industry or trade, or of the rights of parental authority, guardianship, curatorship or foster care, the right to passive suffrage or any other right. E.g.: Román Martín deja la Alcaldía tras confirmarse su inhabilitación: Román Martín leaves the Mayor’s Office after his disqualification is confirmed. dc

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