La palabra del día: Mora

Feminine noun. From the Latin mora. In Legal Spanish, it refers to the delay in fulfilling an obligation, usually that of paying a liquid and overdue amount. Who is in mora is called moroso/a. It is also possible to say morosidad (feminine noun), but mora sounds more professional. E.g: El año ha tenido aspectos alentadores, incluida la reducción de las cuotas en mora y el aumento del efectivo previsto disponible para el plan…:…aspects, including the reduction in unpaid assessed contributions and the increase in projected cash available for the capital master plan. With the same root, we have the Spanish noun moratoria, a legal authorization to debtors to postpone tax payments.
On another note, in general Spanish a mora is a blackberry; that’s why you need an expert. Call me for Legal and Business Spanish lessons. dc

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