La palabra del día: Paulatino/a

Adjective. From the Latin paulātim, little by little, an this one form paucus, a little: That proceeds, works or occurs slowly. In Business Spanish we use this adjective and its adverb paulatinamente when we speak about market and economic trends. E.g.: También permiten un paulatino proceso de reestructuración, conservan la actividad agrícola en zonas frágiles y contribuyen al mantenimiento del paisaje cultural europeo: They allow also a smooth restructuring process, preserve agricultural activity in fragile zones and contribute to maintaining the European cultural landscape; Se partió del supuesto que dicha tasa disminuirá paulatinamente, situándose en 5,0% a partir del 2021: The rate was assumed to decrease gradually to 5.0% in 2021 and thereafter.
Paulus, little, is the name used by Saul, the apostle of the gentiles; San Pablo in Spanish.

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