La palabra del día: Prescripción

In Legal Spanish, the feminine noun prescripción means nothing close to the English word prescription. From the Latin praescriptio, form by the prefix prae, previous, scriptus, written, and tio, effect.
Prescripción is a legal concept by virtue of which the passage of time consolidates factual situations. It allows the extinction of rights (extinctiva) or acquisition of things of others (adquisitiva or usucapión). For example, in Spain, according to article 1964 CC, creditors can claim their credit within 15 years from the moment they are entitled to; after that time, they can no longer make their claim (prescripción extintiva); in Argentina, according to article 2524 inc. 7 CC, you can acquire a property by its uninterrupted possession without either title or bona fide. The verb is prescribir.
By the way, a doctor prescription in Spanish is a receta (feminine noun), and what the doctor does when their prescribe it is called recetar. dc

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