La palabra del día: Proveer

Verb: Used in Business Spanish as to provide or facilitate what is necessary or convenient for a purpose. E.g.: Las concesiones atraen a inversores cuando debido a restricciones de financiamiento, el operador nacional no puede proveer el servicio: Granting concessions attracts investors when restricted funding prevents the national carrier from providing the service.
It is very common to mix this verb up with prever: ‘to foresee’, because their conjugations are very similar: proveer: proveo, proveí, proveyera; prever: preveo, preví, preveyera.
The nouns are la provisión and el proveedor/la proveedora (the contractor/suplier); and the noun for prever is la previsión: ‘forecast’. The adjctives for previsión are previsto/a: ‘forecasted’, and previsor/a: ‘foresighted, far-sighted’. Synonyms of previsor/a can be prevenido/a and precavido/a.
In another note, un/una veedor/a is an observer or a seer. I believe it is here where resides the origin of the confusion between proveer and prever. I do not know why veedor has two es. dc

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