La palabra del día: Pujar

Verb. This term has lots of different meanings and all of them somehow related to making force or trying to overcome an obstacle. For example, pujar is what a a woman does when is delivering a baby. In this case the noun is el pujo. E.g.: Todo lo que necesitas saber sobre los pujos del parto: Everything you need to know about labor pushes. We can guess the same origin of empjuar: to push.
But this blog is about Legal & Business Spanish and in Business Spanish pujar has a rather different meaning: to increase the price put to something that is auctioned. E.g.: Mecenas de Xàtiva compran la ‘Inmaculada’ por la que nadie pujó: Patrons of Xàtiva buy the ‘Immaculate’ for which nobody bid. In this case the noun is la puja. E.g.: El Huesca y el Swansea se unen a la puja por Peybernes: Huesca and Swansea join the bid for Peybernes. We are still somehow speaking about pushing prices up. dc

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