La palabra del día: Rebeldía

Feminine noun. In Spanish related to Civil and Commercial Law, rebeldía is the situation in which a litigant (plaintiff or defendant) does not appear or does not present their arguments and/or refrains from complying with the acts of the procedure. E.g.: En caso de que el demandante no comparezca ante el tribunal, o bien no consienta su defensa, se le podrá declarar en rebeldía: If the defendant does not appear a judgment by default can be rendered against him.
In Spanish related to Criminal Law rebeldía is a legal situation, produced by the disappearance of the accused, that produces certain effects such as the suspension of the course of the proceedings once the summary phase is finished, until the accused is present. E.g.: Los seis acusados restantes están siendo juzgados en rebeldía: The remaining six defendants are being tried in absentia. Some legal systems, such as in Argentina, do not accept the conviction in rebeldía. The person is called rebelde.
By the way, rebeldía means also rebelliousness. dc

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