La palabra del día: Reembolsar (and desembolsar)

Verb. This word is almost always exclusively used in a business context and it means ‘to return an amount to the person who had given it’. Its exact opposite is desembolsar. E.g.: Por lo tanto, se necesita una devaluación real para reembolsar la deuda si se quiere evitar una ralentización o incluso… Thus, a real devaluation is necessary to repay the debt if a slowdown or even a recession in the debtor country is to be avoided; El administrador tendrá las funciones de desembolsar el dinero para el proyecto y llevar la contabilidad pertinente: It shall be his/her responsibility to disburse funds to the project and account for the LCIF grant funding.
The nouns are el reembolso and el desembolso and the adjectives are reembolsable and desembolsable. As you can see, both words come from bolsa, bag. On a more colloquial tone we have the verb embolsar, to pocket; but bolsar does not exist. A perfect synonym of reembolsar is reintegrar; the noun is el reintegro and the adjective reintegrable. dc

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