La palabra del día: Resolución

Feminine noun. From the Latin resolutĭo, -ōnis, and this one from the verb resolvĕre; form by re, and solvĕre, to unleash, to release, to finish.
In Legal Spanish resolución has three different meanings:
1. In resolución de conflictos, it means the set of techniques and skills that are put into practice to find the best non-violent solution to a conflict, problem or misunderstanding that exists between two or more people and even personal.
2. In resolución de contratos, it is a special effect product of the will of the parties or the judicial declaration by means of which a contract is null and void. It generally has retroactive effects and all future effects of the contract cease.
3. In resolución judicial, it means a sentence that puts an end to a conflict.
The verb in all cases is resolver.
As, you can see, we are always speaking about endings. dc

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