La palabra del día: Sentencia firme

Feminine noun. In Legal Spanish a sentencia firme is a judgment against which no appeal can be filed, either because the law does not provide for it, or because, being provided, the legally established period has elapsed without any of the parties having presented it. In criminal proceedings it is also used the expression condena firme. E.g.: Las exclusiones de más de cinco años deben aplicarse únicamente en virtud de sentencia firme: Exclusions for more than five years should take place only on the basis of an unappealable judgment.
The verb used here is quedar firme. E.g.: Esta sentencia solo fue notificada mediante edicto de 17 de octubre de 2020 y quedó firme el 24 de octubre del mismo año: This decision was notified by edict only on 17 October 2020, and became final on 24 October 2020. dc

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