La palabra del día: Testamento

From the Latin testario mentis: testimony of the will. Legal document that expresses a person’s (testador) wishes as to how their property (patrimonio) is to be distributed after their death. E.g.: Sin testamento, las leyes del estado pueden determinar cómo su patrimonio puede ser distribuido: Without a will, the laws of the state will determine where your property is distributed.
The verb is testar. Curiosly, testar is also the legal expression used in Spanish to say ‘to cross out’. For example, if in a legal document there is a mistake, the only way to correct it is to cross the mistake out (testarlo) in a way you can read what it is written under it, then to add at the bottom of the document a note like this: ‘lo testado no corresponde’, and then to sign next to the note.
By the way, testar means also ‘to test’, but, I prefer, in this case testear. dc

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