La palabra del día: Abastecer

Verb. This word has a very curious etymology, as bastimentos are the provision for the sustenance of a city, of an army, therefore, abastecer means to provide someone or something with supplies, food or other necessary things. E.g: Según este principio, cada país o grupo de países debería poder determinar libremente cómo abastecer de alimentos a su población: According to this principle, each country or group of countries should be free to determine how it supplies its people with food.
The noun is el abastecimiento: supply, and desabastecimiento: shortage. E.g.: Usamos el abastecimiento estratégico para encontrar los mejores precios: We use strategic sourcing to get the best prices.
This term has the same root as the adverb basta: enough; and the adjective and adverb bastante: quite, enough. We also use, as a perfect synonym, suministrar. The noun is el suministro: E.g.: El suministro satisface la demanda de la mercancía: The supply meets the demand for the product. The noun desuministro does not exist. dc

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