Las palabras del día: Alevosía & Ensañamiento

These two words used in Legal Spanish express aggravating circumstances of criminal responsibility and they usually are together in pieces of legislation.
Alevosía. Feminine noun. Caution to ensure the commission of a crime against people, without risk to the offender. The adjective is alevoso and the adverb alevosamente.
Ensañamiento. Masculine noun. Inhumanly and deliberately increasing the suffering of the victim on the commission of a crime.
E.g.: Ejecutar la infracción con alevosía, traición, insidias o sobre seguro; o por precio, recompensa o promesa; o por medio de inundación, naufragio, incendio, veneno, minas, descarrilamiento de ferrocarriles, armas prohibidas, u otros medios que pongan en peligro a otras personas a más de la ofendida; o empleando la astucia, el disfraz, el fraude; o con ensañamiento o crueldad, haciendo uso de cualquier tortura… When the act is treacherous, deceitful or underhand or takes advantage of the victim’s defenceless state; or it is committed for a price, reward or pledge; or by means of flooding, shipwreck, fire, poison, mining, derailment of trains, prohibited weapons or other methods that endanger other persons besides the victim; or by employing guile, dissimulation or fraud; or with viciousness or cruelty, making use of any form of torture. dc

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