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La expresión del día: Derecho de Amparo

If you explore the vast landscape of the Spanish language, amparo might be defined as ‘protection‘ or ‘shelter‘. However, in the realm of Legal Spanish, it navigates deeper waters. A masculine noun (el/un amparo), its origins can be traced back to the Latin “amparare”, which denotes ‘to protect’. In the English legal context, the closest …

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When delving into the vast domain of Legal Spanish, the word agravio stands out as an intriguing term. Directly translated to English, agravio means ‘grievance,’ ‘affront,’ or ‘insult.’ But within the legal lexicon of Spanish-speaking countries, its meaning expands considerably.This word has its origins in the Latin term gravāre, which means ‘to weigh down’ or …

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La palabra del día: Habilitación

Feminine noun. Authorization that is granted to carry out certain acts. E.g.: El costo de obtener la habilitación, que toma alrededor de una semana, depende del tipo de empresa: The cost of obtaining approval, which takes about a week, depends on the type of enterprise.The verb is habilitar. E.g.: Puede elegir cuáles servicios de envío …

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La palabra del día: Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada

Feminine noun. SRL is a type of company in which the responsibility of each of its partners is delimited by the capital that they have contributed to it.The capital of a limited company is divided into participaciones and not acciones as in a sociedad anónima. Contrary to what happens with the acciones of the sociedades …

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