La palabra del día: Auto

Masculine noun. An auto is a reasoned judicial resolution that decides secondary, previous, incidental or execution issues, for which no sentence is required. In Argentina we also call it sentencia interlocutoria. E.g.: La autoridad designada conforme a lo dispuesto en el párrafo primero transmitirá el auto a la autoridad judicial competente según su Derecho interno: The authority named pursuant to the first subparagraph shall pass on the order to the judicial authority which is competent according to its national law.
Autos, a plural masculine noun, are the documents that collect the actions of a judicial procedure. E.g.: Por otro lado, consta en autos que la interviniente realiza casi el 5 % de sus ventas por correspondencia: In addition, it is apparent from the file that the intervener makes almost 5% of its sales by mail order. Constar en autos is a lexical combination, always together and without article.
By the way, an auto in Argentina is also a car, coche in Spain. dc

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