La Palabra del día: Cotizar

Verb. From the Latin quotus, how much? In Business Spanish cotizar has 3 different meanings: 1. To publish in the stock market the price of the public effects negotiated there. E.g.: La bolsa de valores cotiza estas acciones en varios cientos de dólares: The stock market lists these shares for several hundred dollars. 2. To estimate a price for a good or a service. E.g.: En este caso, el proveedor no aceptó los precios basados en el índice y cotizó nuevos precios basándose en tasas más elevadas: However, the vendor had not accepted the prices on that basis but quoted the new prices based on higher rates. 3.To pay the corresponding part of collective expenses or social security contributions. E.g.: Pero las autoridades del país de acogida insisten en que cotice a la Seguridad Social en el país de acogida: But the host country’s authorities insist that she should also make social security contributions there.
In all three cases the noun is la cotización. dc

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