La palabra del día: Escritura

Feminine noun. It is a notarial instrument that contains one or more declarations of those who intervene in an act or contract, issued before the notary that complements it with the legal requirements specific to each act, for its incorporation into the notarial protocol and, where appropriate, so that it can be registered in the corresponding public registers. Some contracts are due to be executed on escritura pública and be registered so they can be effective against third parties, , e.g. transmisión de inmuebles o de bienes registrables. In this case, if the contract is not executed on escritura pública, the interested party can try the acción de reducción a escritura pública (elevación a público in Spain).
Some other documents, to be effective, must be made on escritura pública without the need of registration, e.g. a power of attorney. In fact, any contract can be made on escritura pública to give it more certainty regarding the identity and capacity of the parties and the date of celebration.
The verb is escriturar and the notary is called escribano/a. They tend to be rather boring. dc

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