La palabra del día: Redargución de falsedad

Feminine noun. It is a claim in front of judge to challenge the effectiveness of a public instrument like a escritura.
The whole point of making a contract on escritura pública in front of a escribano is to give certainty regarding 3 main points:
a. The identity of the parties who execute the act.
b. Their capacity to contract.
c. The date of celebration.
If the act is executed on escritura pública, this contract is almost watertight, and its authenticity cannot be challenged. Every Spanish speaking country has their own proceedings but in the acción de redargución de falsedad the claim generally can just be based in 1. the material adulteration, for the document not having been granted by the official who appears to subscribe it or having been deleted, modified or added any of its enunciations; 2. in the inaccuracy of the facts that the public official had stated as being carried out by him or that have happened in his presence. dc

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