La palabra del día: Fianza

Feminine noun. From the Latin fedare, faith, security. In legal Spanish, in the strict sense, it is a personal guarantee, by virtue of which a guarantor (fiador) guarantees the fulfillment of a specific obligation. The fiador is a third person, outside the main obligation, who guarantees its fulfillment, committing to fulfill what the debtor (deudor principal) has not fulfilled himself. E.g.: Juez traba embargo a fiador de Wilmondes: Judge seizes Wilmondes’ warantor.
Fianza also refers to the delivery of an amount of money as collateral for certain obligations. E.g.: Libre bajo fianza hombre de 31 años que agredió a su pareja en Arecibo: Free on bail 31-year-old man who assaulted his partner in Arecibo. dc

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