La palabra del día: Fiscal

An adjective, fiscal/es, from the Latin fiscālis, related or belonging to the treasury (fiscus in Latin, el fisco in Spanish).
As and adjective, this word can be found in expressions such as Derecho Fiscal, Tax Law; Tribunal Fiscal, tax court; and Agente Fiscal, prosecutor.
Fiscal is also a noun (el/lafiscal los/las fiscales) and it refers to the public official, belonging to the prosecution, that leads the judicial investigation. In criminal proceedings, it is the person who accuses on behalf of the State. It is also used the expression el/la agente fiscal, but it is uncommon.
From fiscal come fiscalización, a noun that means audit, inspection; and fiscalizar, a verb that can be translated into to revise, to control or to supervise. Curiously, fiscalización and fiscalizar are not used to refer to the acts of a prosecutor in criminal proceedings; we use indagación and indagar or instrucción and instruir instead. dc

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