La palabra del día: Mueble

If you check in your dictionary, you will see that the word mueble, a masculine noun, is translated into English as ‘piece of furniture’, and muebles as ‘furniture’.
In Legal Spanish it is a little bit more complicated. An adjective, from the Latin mobĭlis, movable, transportable, that can be moved.
From mueble we can be infer inmueble, immovable, that cannot be moved. We use them in expressions like bienes muebles and bienes inmuebles: movable and immovable goods. Inmueble as a noun is also used to express the concept of estate or/and property.
The branch of law that studies the legal power that a person exercises over a thing is called Derechos Reales, in Latin Ius in Re, as re in Latin means ‘thing’. From re we can trace república, the public thing, and, in English: Real Estate. dc

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